Does your makeup bag frustrate you?

My makeup bag and my makeup organization drove me nuts. There was never a makeup bag big enough to carry all my products. I have four Naked palettes, so just my eyeshadow alone was hard to fit in any makeup bag. I hated having to empty out my makeup bag every time I did my makeup. It made for a mess and products were scattered everywhere. Plus I could never find what I wanted to use. Doing your makeup is a long enough process without searching for each product you need next. After I won the title of Miss Gem City, I was doing appearances every week, so I knew I needed a better way of organization for my makeup. I decided to buy a train case. I love mine! I purchased it on sale for $75 and it was originally $110. It seems like a steep price to pay for a makeup case, but I searched at every makeup store at the Mall of America to find the best case and the best deal. Mac offered a more lightweight Travel Case for $175, but that was out of my budget and I wanted a case that had shelves. I would rather my case have shelves and be heavy than a giant light weight makeup bag. Online, Sephora has many different options of train cases for $110, but if you want something cheaper, try looking at a Sephora store like I did or Ulta has even cheaper cases!

My train case even came with keys, so I can lock up my expensive makeup when I want to! Check out a 5 sec video of me opening and closing my train case here.

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