Two Boho Chic Looks

Everything is from Buckle in both of these looks. I worked there for a year, so most of my clothes are from there!

In the first look, I mixed patterns with the striped shirt and the patterned kimono. Don’t be afraid to try mixing patterns.

The second look is much more simple. It’s a Billabong midi length dress. (Midi length is very trendy right now.) I love the back and how the dress accentuates my curves.

I adore Buckle because they will style you for free and they carry my favorite brand, “Free People”. You can find so many different styles and brands there.

Buckle offers Buckle Select now. Buckle Select has an actual stylist that will select outfits for you based on your information and preferences. Your personal stylist will put together outfits for you and send them to your house, free of charge. Buckle Select provides free shipping and returns, within 10 days. My former manager Jordan is one of the stylists for Buckle Select. She is  amazing at what she does and super trendy, here is the link to her page.

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