The Best Electric Toothbrush

I’ve never gotten a cavity because I love brushing my teeth. I thoroughly enjoy that fresh mouth feeling right after you brush. With my love for brushing and my love for technology, of course I recommend everyone to use an electric toothbrush. I remember when I got my first electric toothbrush. I was in first grade and asked for one for Christmas. LOL I was a strange child. My dentist could actually notice a difference when I started using an electric toothbrush; my my mouth was healthier than ever. From all the electric toothbrushes I’ve had through the years, I can honestly say Smile Brilliant’s cariPro Electric Toothbrush is my favorite!

image_6483441 (2)

What makes this toothbrush different from any I’ve tried before are its five brushing modes. I love that I can target different areas of my mouth differently and with all these modes to choose from, I never get bored while brushing. This toothbrush also lets you know when to switch from each quadrant by buzzing when 30 seconds is up. It will also shut off when brushing time is over at 2 minutes. With it’s 40,000 vibrations per minute, your teeth will be healthier and whiter than ever!

image_6483441 (3)

The cariPRO comes with a wireless charging dock, but I don’t have to charge my toothbrush often because it has a battery life of 30 days. The cariPro also comes with a replacement toothbrush head. Their replacement brush heads are really affordable for the quality you’re getting. Other premier toothbrush heads can run over $10 for one toothbrush head, but Smile Brilliant offers a 2-pack for $13. Another upside is that Smile Brilliant generously offers a 2 year warranty, which gave me peace of mind.


What I loved most about the Smile Brilliant’s cariPro Electric Toothbrush is that I can mindlessly brush without having to put a bunch of work in. I’m usually a zombie before I have my coffee in the morning, so it makes my morning routine more effortless. I think we can all appreciate an easier morning routine.


Great news!! Smile Brilliant wants me to give one of you a chance to have a cariPro Electric Toothbrush for yourself for free! For a chance to win it for yourself or a friend, simply enter your name and email address here:

You can also get 20% off a cariPro Electric Toothbrush by using my coupon code: “20shanialexis” here:

Happy brushing!

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