A Current Favorite

I recently fell in love with a watch and sunglasses brand that I came across, MVMT. I had a rough time picking out just one watch and pair of sunglasses because they had so many trendy minimalist designs.


I’m wearing the Crescent Marble, Boulevard Series Watch and Purr Sunglasses in Milk Cherry Red/Cherry Flash.


I wanted my sunglasses to be something really unique and a cute pop of color. I love that you can wear these red sunglasses year round. They obviously look great in the summer, but the red will look festive this holiday season. Sunglasses are just as important in the winter. That white snow and bright sun can be blinding here in the Midwest.


MVMT has the most charming gold and rose gold watches but I decided to go with a gunmetal watch, featuring a marble face, because I wear a lot of black clothes and silver jewelry.


The best thing is both my watch and sunglasses are incredible quality. If I’m going to be wearing something everyday, I want it to be durable and comfy.  Not only does MVMT have great quality products, but I also love their mission: “to inspire you to live life on your own terms”. They have a campaign called #jointhemvmt. Many creators share what moves them on their page. If you are wanting to see what this company is all about and #jointhemvmt, use code: “shanialexis15” to receive $15 off your purchase.


I want to share with you what currently moves me. I came across a poem a few months ago that helps get me moving every day.

“A love note to my body:

first of all, I want to say
thank you.

for the heart you kept beating
even when it was broken

for every answer you gave me in my gut

for loving me back
even when I didn’t know how to love you

for every time you recovered when I pushed you past our limits

for today,

for waking up.” – Cleo Wade

This poem changed my perspective on my body. Most times when I thought of my body, the first image that came to mind was how I look naked in front of the mirror, with all of my insecurities running through my head. I realized I should really be thinking about how often my body kept going, even in times when I was mentally broken, for how my body wakes up every morning, even when it is the last thing I want to do, and how my body is healthy and moving every day. What moves you?

Photos by @thekiddidthat.

Forever 21 Finds

Every time I get a compliment on an outfit and am asked where it’s from, the answer is always Forever 21! I often hear, “Oh, I can’t shop there. It’s too hard to find things.” I think that’s one thing I love about shopping there though.. I enjoy a good challenge. It’s like searching through a thrift store, not knowing if you’re going to find anything or not.. But, when you do, it’s oh so satisfying! I am also balling on a budget and don’t enjoy repeating outfits often, (especially on my Instagram) so I prefer to buy more affordable clothing. (Unless I’m splurging on a staple piece.) This blog features items from my last Forever 21 haul. I collaborated with Amar Kahlon- @ShotsbyAK for these effortless street looks. It was a really fun shoot. We enjoyed great conversation and Insomnia Cookies!!

Here are my Forever 21 finds and my five tips to shopping there.



IMG_8844 (1)IMG_8837IMG_8840IMG_8838

5 Tips for Shopping at Forever 21 


Know what you’re looking for. Last time I went in knowing I wanted some business chic trousers that I could wear to work, white boots, sunglasses, and a cute top. Guess what I found!? All of those things!


Don’t be afraid of the clearance rack. They purposely put the clearance rack in the back with bad lighting. There are always some cute in season items hiding on the clearance rack. The orange striped top I’m wearing above was off the clearance rack!


Don’t be scared to size up. Last time I was there, every cute sweatshirt or t-shirt was cropped. I personally don’t like wearing cropped shirts often. I like to size up from a small to a large to make that cropped t-shirt more of a mid-crop, oversized look.


Be daring. Forever 21 is full of edgy looks that you may be scared to take on. Find an edgy piece and pair it with something from home that’s more simple. I bought plaid trousers, but instead of buying the matching plaid jacket, I paired it with a casual white baggy shirt to tone down the look.


Shop their shoes and accessories. Maybe you can’t find that cute going out dress, but their shoe and accessory sections never disappoint, and then you don’t have to deal with the dressing room lines! Plus, if you’re like me, I always lose my jewelry, so it’s best that I buy affordable jewelry.

I hope this helps! Let me know your go-to affordable clothing store in the comments. 🙂

“Nostalgic Narrative” – A Poetic Lookbook

NOSTALGIA is when you look back and feel an old familiar happiness. Those memories aren’t always real. Sometimes, the flashbacks are fabricated and might not be what you really experienced.

I worked with Photographer, Bishoppe Kamusinga to compile a lookbook of three styles that make me feel nostalgic. Each of these looks are so classic to me. I love the fun patterns, the burnt orange tones, and the free spirited mood of this shoot. I hope every image and poetic line takes you to a different place, somewhere nostalgic.

Look #1: 70’s Chic


I want to let go, but I keep hanging on.

IMG_6993 (2)

I told myself I wouldn’t look back, but my reflection reminded me of you, my twin flame.


Never enough time, but always enough time for you to cross my mind.


The sun gleaming against my skin. For a second, it feels inspiriting, and then the hot memory of you burns my skin.


I wake up everyday and think “Today is the day, I will finally forget all the good times with you.”

IMG_6910 (1).JPG

I wish it was that easy.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I wish I could truly control my mind.

IMG_6712 (1)

No matter how much I distract myself, the thoughts, the memories, the nostalgia, always pulls me back.

Look #2 Free Spirited Fashion

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I never wanted life without you.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I don’t think you did either.


You let everyone and everything tear us apart.


You left me broken.


It still feels like a nightmare.

Look #3 Dated Dress


A nightmare that repeats every single night.


You left me no other choice, but to say goodbye.


Goodbye to our dreams, goodbye to the nightmares.


Goodbye to the



a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time


Hello to new memories, a new mindfulness. A life without you filling the spaces in my head and my heart.

Two Boho Chic Looks

Everything is from Buckle in both of these looks. I worked there for a year, so most of my clothes are from there!

In the first look, I mixed patterns with the striped shirt and the patterned kimono. Don’t be afraid to try mixing patterns.

The second look is much more simple. It’s a Billabong midi length dress. (Midi length is very trendy right now.) I love the back and how the dress accentuates my curves.

I adore Buckle because they will style you for free and they carry my favorite brand, “Free People”. You can find so many different styles and brands there.

Buckle offers Buckle Select now. Buckle Select has an actual stylist that will select outfits for you based on your information and preferences. Your personal stylist will put together outfits for you and send them to your house, free of charge. Buckle Select provides free shipping and returns, within 10 days. My former manager Jordan is one of the stylists for Buckle Select. She is  amazing at what she does and super trendy, here is the link to her page.