The Best Place to Get Cupcakes, Cookies, and Cakes

Recently I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday. We went on a float trip and went camping. You obviously can’t have a birthday party without some cake! Sweetology sent me some tasty cupcakes for all of us to enjoy. They had lots of cute decorating kits to choose from, but I of course chose their Great Outdoors Decorating Kit to fit the occasion. We got to have fun decorating the cupcakes ourselves. It was the icing on the cake to the perfect birthday celebration!




Sweetology is revolutionizing cake decorating. I was so intrigued by their company and what they’re doing that I wanted to learn more, so I went straight to the source. I conducted a Q and A with one of their employees, Elizabeth Davidson.


Q: What makes Sweetology different? 

A: Sweetology isn’t just a place where you can go to buy baked goods. It is the first entertainment retail concept around the decoration of cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. What makes Sweetology special is that it’s all about the experience that is shared with friends and family and the memories that are created in the process of decorating. It’s a special place where little kids can decorate their grandparent’s birthday cake or participate in a fun camp with friends. But it’s also a perfect venue for a group of girls to have margaritas and decorate for a bridal party or just a fun-packed girls’ night out.

Q: I saw that you guys hold parties, will you tell me a little about that? 

A: At Sweetology, we hold all different kind of parties. Birthdays are the most popular, but we do bachelorette parties, baby showers, and even corporate team building parties. My favorite part about Sweetology parties is that you get your own dedicated instruction by one of our expert decorator “Sweetologists”, whether you hold your party on or off-site. These parties are always a hit because you not only get to learn to be a better decorator and have a ton of fun in the process, but you also come home with a delicious party favor that you designed yourself.

Q: It seems that you guys are known for your self-decorating kits, but do you guys also take decorating requests? 

A: Absolutely! On our website you can design your own cake by choosing size, flavor, frosting color, accent frosting color, and sprinkles. Or, you can always come into the store and put in a request. Either way, our skilled Sweetologists will make the perfect cake for your celebration. You can also have custom cookies and cupcakes made in any design- you name it. We do everything from company logo cookies to unicorn cupcakes.

Q: Do you guys hold decorating classes? 

A: Yes, we hold decorating classes for all ages. Next up is our Sunday Funday where participants will learn to make a super cool one-eyed monster cake. You will be amazed at the kinds of things you can create with the right tools and instruction! Our summer camp for kids is also a series of decorating lessons. Each week is a different theme, like “Fantasyland: Wizards and Mythical Creatures” or “As Seen on TV”.

Q: What do you love about working at Sweetology? 

A: Throughout the duration of my internship, I’ve gotten to see the passion of the Sweetologists who work in the store while I would shadow them. It is so much fun to see how much each of them is engaged with the kids and adults alike during camps and parties. It’s truly special that at Sweetology, we care why you’re there to decorate and want to make it the best experience possible.

Q: Anything else you would like to share?

A: Yes! I have to plug the best fundraiser opportunity ever- selling our decorating kits! So, if any of your readers are looking to raise money for their organization, we have a unique, high quality product to offer as well as great marketing support along the way. People love that our decorating kits are a tasty treat- which is always a fundraising hit- but also that it provides an experience they can share with friends and family.

Also, drop in and decorate with us any time! No appointment is needed- we’re always happy to have you.


I’m so impressed with Sweetology and all they offer! It’s the perfect sweet escape in St. Louis.